Terms of Service

These terms of service determine the principles of the provision of translation services by Małgorzata Potrzyszcz, operating under the business name of Potrzyszcz Małgorzata Krystyna, with the registered office at: Via Roma 32, 76011 Bisceglie, Italy (hereinafter referred to as “the Translator”).

By placing an order to use the services provided by the Translator, the person placing the order (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”) accepts the Terms of Service defined below.

1. The Translator proceeds with the translation on the basis of a written order determining the scope of the service to be provided, including the total price and the deadline of the service, in accordance with the quote provided to the Client or separate arrangements made between the parties. An order is considered accepted if the Translator clearly expresses having accepted it.
2. The Translator has the right to access the source text for inspection before accepting an order.
3. The Translator is obliged to submit the translation by the deadline set in the order and to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the information acquired in the course of preparing the quote and working on the order.
4. Unless agreed otherwise, the term of payment is 30 days from the date that the translation is submitted or the invoice is issued. If the payment is not made within the said term, the Translator will charge statutory interest pursuant to Directive 2000/25/EC and the relevant applicable local regulations. In the case of orders of larger volumes, the Translator reserves the right to require advance payment.
5. If the Client cancels the order when it is in progress, they will be obliged to pay for the part of the translation completed at the time they cancel the order. The completed part of the translation will be provided to the Client immediately after the Translator accepts the cancellation of the order.
6. Complaints shall be submitted within 30 days of the date when the translation is delivered.
7. The Translator bears no liability for any losses or damage caused by a delay in the delivery of the order for reasons not attributable to the Translator, e.g. computer hardware failure, internet connection failure, or acts of force majeure. If any acts of force majeure occur, the concluded agreement shall be considered terminated with no right to claim compensation granted to any of the parties.
8. The Translator bears no liability for any content-related mistakes found in the source text or for any possible instances of the Client breaching third-party rights, especially copyright, trademarks, patents, etc.
9. Relevant provisions of the civil code shall apply to all matters not settled in these Terms of Service.
10. Any disputes arising in relation to the provided services shall be settled by a common court having jurisdiction over location of the Translator’s registered office.